Martha's Unique Collages

African American History.  This includes a 'Family Portrait' of my grandparents, their first three children and his baby brother.

Rosa Parks, The Bus boycotts, Martin Luther King, The Civil Rights Movement and sit-ins all lead to Barack Obama becoming the first black president.

Resent Past Revisited

Our Recent Past - II

Old Man in a Rocking Chair


This vision reflects decay along side newly refurbished buildings, community activists, children playing in the water from fire hydrants, neighborhood men involved in a game of checkers and the matriarch overseeing it all.

Family Portrait - John Napoleon & Mattie

These are my grandparents with the first three of their ten children and his baby brother on the left.


This is my brother and me with our cousin at a family reunion.

Aunt Emma

Aunt Emma and nephew Tony


I found this photo in the picture file at the New York Public Library.  Her face just says Joy.

Picking' Cotton

Justice For All

This was done in the early 80s.  It is always relevant.

The Challenge 

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