Martha's Unique Collages

These children caught in moments of an activity, connecting with another person or the viewer, are done as Mosaic Collage and are based on photo resources.

Sad Faced Boy - Original available

Native American Girl


Playing the Piano

Taking a Break

These kids were resting on this concrete fence near my father's house in Cleveland 

Blowing Bubbles

Tony's Trick

My nephew was demonstrating, entertaining at a family reunion

My father's Hand


Boy on a Bike

I put the Newark NJ skyline behind this boy and  lived in the building on the far right. Original available


Baby's Babies

Comfort 1


This little boy was with his mother on the trip to Senegal.  He seemed to be mesmerized by the expanse of water in front of him.


This little boy came with his mother to a 'floral party' and curled up in a chair and went to sleep while waiting.

My Pink Rose

Jada loves everything pink including her rose.  Her  mother looks lovingly at 'her' Pink Rose

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